Interview with Tony O'Donnell

Starhawk Artist

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This is the actual post from one of the Artists,Tony O'Donnell,from the Crunch forum.I have posted him a printed Questions and Answers draft looking for an interview and pics.

"The Starhawk site looks very promising...and brought back a lot of memories. I really enjoyed drawing a Starhawk game, it must have been for a centre spread in SPIKE, I think I drew it around December 1982, then I started work on my first Starblazer...I was sent a Starhawk script for SPIKE which I storyboarded in my sketch book. I was very keen to do Starhawk but I was taking so long on the Starblazer that the job went to a better and more experienced artist. I ended up with the Footie series, Johnny Tough."

Tony's post on the Crunch forum re featuring his sketchbook artwork...Can't wait!

"I have no objections to might be interesting to compare my version of the script, to the published one.



"Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 11:17 pm

I admire your enthusiasm, and I hope you can find the Starhawk artists..but I do not qualify as I only ever drew the character for a toy- promo illustrated centre - spread which my faulty memory says, was actually for BUDDY?!
This is actually mentioned in an extensive interview which I did with Garen Ewing in 1997, although I just talked off it as an SF strip that I was given and then lost. The sketch book in question is still in storage due to my moving house but I may have it by July?!
I no longer have a copy of the Starhawk board-game artwork..though I have a clear memory of was a simple winding route, dice game with a Space background and assorted Starhawk illustrations,including a fight with a space- dragon of sorts.

Contrary to the above and Tony's modesty,He still qualifies as one of the artists by the fact He drew a Starhawk board game and storyboarded some sketches for a possible story,both of which I hope to feature on the site in the near future.Here is the link to the interview He gave as mentioned above

Tony's interview with Garen Ewing

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