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No comics fan should be without these links and I'm not just talking about my own sites!At least 90% of the other comics sites should be bookmarked and don't forget ComicsUK from Al.

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DC Thompson


My own attempt at a Wiki sentry for Starhawk.Not to be confused with a sci-fi writer and feminist of the same name(what would Droid say!)Listed as "starhawk the crunch".
Seems some French dude at Wiki deleted it,but not to worry,Starhawk will see publication in a magazine soon enough :-)

My Starhawk Wiki Entry!

If you have enjoyed the site here are two other sites I preside over.

Adam Eterno-the Man who could not Die!

Adam Eterno's very own forum-indepth analysis and more-everybody welcome to join!

These are some of my favourite comics sites on the Net and I recommend them 1000% to all comics lovers everywhere!


Best of Battle

Johnny Red

Storm Force!



For those of you who require more information on Starblazer,check out the links below and read some comics articles by Jeremy Briggs,one of our contributors.

Down The Tubes

Starblazer Checklist

Steve,a comics artist himself who drew some of the Starblazer comics presides over this great site for those who wish to know more about writers and artists in the industry.

Steve Hollands blog-well worth a visit!

And last but very definitely not least,here is the Holy Grail of British Comics.Al,the comics supremo is where we all head to.You will not be disappointed.


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