This page is dedicated to the fans of Starhawk.As more people make their admiration for the character known,their profiles will be added here.I firmly believe the fans are just as important as the character,for they both go hand in hand.One cannot survive without the other.

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Lincoln Yaco


This man must surely rank as the number 1 Starhawk fan.He has been constantly in praise of the site since discovering it only a few months back.And to think he never heard of him before that!Here's a little info on Lincoln:

Lincoln-"Such a wide variety of artists have worked on Starhawk but most of
them are rather good and more than just a few are excellent.
Surprisingly so. Strange that this little obscure strip shd get such
great artistic treatment. Luck of the draw? I am quite certain it
wasn't because management decided to pay extra to afford the best
talent around. Perhaps Editorial managed to have a voice in hiring and
made some good choices for once? There are just as many remarkable
editors as there are remarkable artists. I mean, the percentages are
the same. 90% of everything is crap. Sturgeon's law.
In any event, we reap the benefits. It's a very nicely draw strip that
often edges into beautifully drawn and then sinks back to just simply
"nicely" again.
Thanks again, Capn, for allowing us to see the entire scope of the
strip, from its silliness to its graphic excellence. From the
well-written sequences to the gimmick-driven ones. It all tends to be
a lot of fun."

Occupation:Writer, Web-editor
Hobbies:I wrote the Marvel-authorized hardcover/softcover Science of the X- Men--see for more info
Latest News:One of my books has been translated into 3 languages.
Favorite Quote:Oh, baby, it is found on another plane.--Syd Barrett

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