This page will contain stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere else,typically advertisements related to starhawk,boardgames and any other ephemera.

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The back page ad that started off the whole saga that would endure for years and in time inspire this tribute site!

Perhaps the ad everybody at the time dreaded seeing!The merger with Hotspur.The good news was that Starhawk was moving too!

This was the ad that greeted the eyes of Crunch readers 22 issues after their comic was dropped from the Hotspur title.

Young Starhawk started in Buddy Issue 77 on 31st July 1982 and was advertised in Buddy the previous week.Click to view the ad that started it all!

Click on the thumbnail to view the in-house ad promoting a new Starhawk adventure beginning in Issue 16 of Spike which featured in Issue 15(cough!)

The ad for Starhawk-Starblazer Issue 186 published in 1987 appeared in black and white inside the front cover page of Starblazer Issue 187-Mind Warrior.

The ad for Target...Starhawk-Starblazer Issue 222 published in 1988 appeared in black and white inside the back cover page of Starblazer Issue 223-The Kylam Location.


Finally,we have the elusive boardgame from Buddy No 105 Feb
12th 1983 for your viewing and playing pleasure!This was originally drawn by Tony O'Donnell.My thanks to Al from ComicsUK for the scan.Why not print it out and have a go?Unfortunately the prize has been long won :-)

Thanks to Jeremy Briggs who sent in this ad for the 1983 Hotspur Annual which featured in an 1982 issue of Warlord!

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