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Welcome to the first and only tribute site to Starhawk!

Starhawk first started out in the Crunch comic in 1979 which lasted for 54 issues before amalgamating with the Hotspur on February 2nd 1980 where the strip continued on and off for a while.Such was its popularity that when Hotspur eventually dropped the Crunch from its title,Starhawk was brought back as a staple character in the Hotspur's line-up!When Hotspur joined Victor,Starhawk saw a new lease of life for a few episodes before disappearing.But he came back in 1982 as Young Starhawk in Buddy and later was resurrected in Spike!He even saw action in a late issue of Victor in 1988 and of course starred in three issues of Starblazer and featured in three Hotspur Annuals!

I have acquired as many of the strips as possible,but as always there are many glaring omissions.I have divided the strips into the correct order in which they appeared and the publication they appeared in,that is,

"The Crunch" 1979-1980,

"Hotpur and Crunch"1980,


"Victor and Hotspur"1981,



"Starblazer"1986,1987,1988 respectively,which each has it's own page,

"Hotspur Annuals"1984,1985 & 1988(Published 1987)

"Victor Issue 1441"October 1988


In the 26th Century,the vast Terran Empire is in decline and many of her star systems have lapsed into barbarity.Amid this chaos roams lawbringer Sol Rynn,better known as Starhawk.With trusty sidekick Droid on board Space Rider,they bring law and order to the Galaxy!These are their stories...


The images displayed on this web site are copyright of DC Thompson and are used on this non-profit making site for reference purposes only and for fans of Starhawk everywhere.Please see links section and support this legendary organisation who have given pleasure to generations by taking out a subscription to one of their magazines.