Fan Fiction

I've decided to start the ball rolling with my first stab at some fan-fiction.This will be done in installments but if you feel up to the challenge,you can help me write it and even submit some artwork as well!It's up to you!

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The Celestia More Incident


The Space Yacht-Celestia More-looked magnificent as she rode upon the solar winds of nearby Solus Minor,the light glistening on her sails.On the bridge stood it's proud owner,one Skern D. More-trillionnaire entrepreneur."Ah 'tis good to get away from the rat race,eh Joe?"he smiled at his android pilot who deftly moved the astro-wheel to one side to avoid a stray asteroid attracted by the immense gravitational pull of the Star just behind them."Affirmative and negative Sir!""What do you mean...?""It seems the rats have decided to follow us...!"In a split second the ship ws surrounded by three Pirate Ships.The Celestia rocked to an abrupt halt as she was caught in a traction beam.A shadowy face appeared on the ships vidcom."Skern More,prepare to be boarded!"growled a menacing scarred face."We are doomed,Sir..."cried the Pilot Droid."Just time to get this message off,before they board us!"shouted Skern as he inserted an S.O.S. card into the compu system.

To be continued...!

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