Future Projects

This page is here to tell you what's in the pipeline longterm.So even though you may think nothing's happening it couldn't be further from the truth.Go to the News page for more immediate happenings.

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This is a project that is very dear to my heart and which I have been thinking seriously about for a long time-the complete biographical history of Sol Rynn.This will take in data culled from every strip possible complete with complimentary pictures to give the definitive expose on this comic character.


The tit for tat interplay between the two main characters of the series is actually quite amusing and deserves to be highlighted.Droid will host this page as he believes he should be given the chance to better understand the human emotion of humour.


Coming soon to a nightmare near you!Yes spacefarers,the biggest,baddest,scariest warriors of the 26th Century will be strutting their stuff for you in their own nasty way on a computer monitor very soon!


Coming soon space farers!New hi-res thumbnails for site that will free up web server space overall.Plus new interviews by Starhawk creator Bill Graham and top writers Dave Taylor and Alan Hemus.Plus an article The Starhawk Story should see print in Crikey magazine in the new year!Stand by!


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