Here's where I'll be putting any relevant titbits of information regarding what's going on with the developement of the site.

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5th October 2007

Just a few words to say I haven't abandoned the Starhawk site.I fully intend to return to it in the next few months but am busy as hell with the Adam Eterno site.I have been in contact with the creator of Starhawk-Bill Graham and two writers Dave Taylor and Alan Hemus.Also I am preparing an article for inclusion in Crikey magazine.Also I fully intend to re-upload new smaller but hi-res thumbnails of all the stories to free up server space and include more content.I have started with the first Starhawk story from Issue 35 of Crunch so go there to compare!So that's the plans for the future folks.Chat soon.

11th June 2007

My God! It seems like forever since I was last here!Good news-Starblazer 186-Starhawk is now fully online.ENJOY!I hope to get the remaining 2 Starblazers online soon.

7th January 2007

Have added short note from one of the artists who contacted me to the Interviews page complete with photo-Enrique Alcatena.Have also updated the Hotspur Database accordingly.

1st January 2007

Happy New Year!A lot of work has been done since this site went live in March of 2006-from a handful of scans to almost completing the entire project!It may never happen but to those who helped out-my eternal thanks.I really enjoyed putting it together.You see folks,it can be done!I haven't given up completely though-I will finish off the Starblazer books,the other little extras dotted around the site and the Starhawk story,plus I will keep a weather eye out for the elusive missing issues.So all that remains is to say thanks and here's to a great new year!

10th December 2006

Have cleaned up the Droid's Witticisms page so just click on the green android head for some funny humour.Can you guess which comic they came from?Also have added another entry to Starhawk's Future World and we are now up to page 40 of the Starhawk Starblazer book.

8th December 2006

Great news folks,the Young Starhawk story is finally finished and online for posterity!Also another 13 pages of the Starhawk Starblazer book are now uploaded meaning we are over halfway through the book.More scans coming very soon!

5th December 2006

Whew!Can't believe it's been over a month since I posted here!I've finally put up another episode of "Young Starhawk" in the Buddy page.Only two more to go fans.On the upside,I've added three more pages-"Droid's Witticisms","Starhawk's Future World" and "Fan Fiction".All need a bit of fine tuning,which I'll get around to when I have more free time.Rest assured,Young Starhawk will finish before Christmas.Then I'll concentrate on the rest of the site.

3rd November 2006

Have taken a break from the strips tonight to concentrate on the much neglected artist and writer database to bring you the Hotspur and Crunch table.Have added in publication dates for each issue.All that remains is to fill in the blanks!More to come soon.

1st November 2006

Added another Young Starhawk strip and another 5 pages of the Starblazer Issue 186 book.Oh and there's now a clock on the homepage.

31st October 2006

Happy Halloween!Have added another strip of the Young Starhawk series.On another note I have decided to delete the Vulcan page.Much as I would have liked to keep it onboard,I simply had to clear the decks in order to push ahead with Starhawk-related work.So I hope it was of help to anybody while it was there.Talk soon.

29th October 2006

Great news,fans!Rod emailed me to say he had found an unknown Starhawk complete story from Victor Issue 1441 dated 1 October 1988.By the late date,I believe this now to be the last ever Starhawk strip.To commemorate this the strip can be found on its own new page-Victor.If you know of any more,let me know.He also sent me the cover of that issue which although only features Starhawk above the Masthead still qualifies as a cover.You know where to find it,folks.My thanks to Rod!Also I have added another 2 strips of the Young Starhawk series.

24th October 2006

Okay folks,just completed another bout of housecleaning...and it's not even Spring :-)I've tidied up the Misc page to bring it into line with the overall design of the site.And I've decided to add a new page-FANS!Yes people,this is where I get to show the world that I am not the only fan!First off the starting blocks is one Lincoln Yaco from Florida.Who knows,I may include my own profile some day :-)

23rd October 2006

Just added another strip to the Young Starhawk story over at the Buddy page and a further 3 pages to the Starhawk book over at the Starblazer page.

15th October 2006

The Death Blast 2599-Starhawk and Droid Board Game from Buddy Issue 105 is now online at the Misc page.Why not print it out and have a blast from the past!

14th October 2006

Exciting news,Starhawk fans!Al from ComicsUK has kindly furnished me with the last episode of Young Starhawk so now I have the complete series to hand and they will be going online soon.Also Al very kindly has given me a scan of the Starhawk boardgame from Issue 105 of Buddy.I'll put that up tomorrow.

12th October 2006

Back from the hols folks!Just time to add a link to a full interview of Alan Willow on the Gerry Anderson site.Kudos to Shaqui.Go to the Alan Willow page on the Interviews section of the Artists and Writers page.Will get back to work on the site real soon,later.

27th September 2006

FINALLY! ALL of the CRUNCH strips are online!Yes folks,all 20 of the original series are now available for your reading pleasure over at the Crunch page.Hope you enjoy.Will be on hols for the next 2 weeks,but when I get back,I will start work on uploading the remaining Young Starhawk strips from Buddy,so if you have the last one from Issue 96,get in touch.See ya soon,folks!

Have added a new page called Future Projects to let you know what's in store for the site in the months ahead.Just hope I can find the the time :-)

17th September 2006

Continuing to upload the Crunch Starhawk strips,all of which are in my posession now!Thanks to FOTI for that!Latest upload is Issue 38 which saw Starhawk in his longest strip yet-6 Pages!!!This coupled with a front cover appearance meant he took up nearly a quarter of the comic that week!Will try to finish off the Crunch page before my hols at the end of this month and when I get back will resume the Young Starhawk page.

13th September 2006

Rod from the ComicsUK forum has sent me the infamous "Missing Page 4" from Hotspur and Crunch Issue 1060!So finally we can all read the end of that particular story.My thanks to Rod.Also another contributor-Jeremy Briggs-has sent me some data vis a vis the Hotspur Annuals and Starhawks appearances.So hopefully that will help us narrow down the search for stories there.The data can be seen on the Hotspur Annuals page.So maybe FOTI can help out there,eh?

12th September 2006

The Crunch Covers section is now complete with the last 3 covers now up in the Covers page.Also a new page-Profiles has been added detailing Space Rider and Starhawk.Droid has also moved to this page much to his chagrin,but a quick telling off from Sol put him in his place!

5th September 2006

Well,the 1984 Hotspur Annual is online as well as a strip from Bullet No.1 over at the From The Vaults page called Smasher.Also have uploaded the Vulcan Summer Special and Annual thumbnails.Just waiting on FOTI now for more exciting adventures from Starhawk's Crunch days!

4th September 2006

Exciting news people.The Starhawk tribute site has been given a boost by one Jeremy Briggs as he has provided the strips for the '84,'85 and '88 Hotspur Annuals!They will go online very soon.Also a group of comics fans whom I shall refer to in the future as F.O.T.I.(Friends of the Internet!)have starting supplying me with missing scans from the Crunch comics.So NOW we have the FIRST STARHAWK strip for your reading pleasure on the Crunch page,the Cover of Issue 35(Covers Page) that started it all off and the very ad from the previous Issue 34 on the Misc page.I will also put up more Young Starhawk over the coming weeks.Enjoy!And a million thanks to all who helped!

30th August 2006

Great news fans!Word has reached me from Jeremy Briggs re the Hotspur Annuals.It seemed Starhawk can now be verified as aappearing in the 1984,1985 and 1988 Annuals.Scans are winding their way to me as we speak.In light of this the page has been renamed dropping the question mark :-)All that remains is to check out all the Annuals from 1981 to the last Hotspur Annual for stories.Please help if you can.Also the Interview with Tony is in the works...more on that in the coming weeks.Have also with his permission uploaded Steve Holland's photo in the Artists section.Must add a link to his blog soon.Very knowledgable chap!Will also upload more of the Young Starhawk strips as well.Now has anybody got the last strip of this from Buddy Issue 96?Later,spacefarers!

24th August 2006

Have taken receipt of the remaining missing Buddy Issues save one featuring the Young Starhawk stories and have uploaded the next story in the saga.Have also added 2 more Covers from Buddy to the Covers Page,which are unique in the Starhawk stripography in that they are actually part of the story rather than just Portraits.So rush on over there now.Only need Buddy Issue 96 to complete the saga.I've read the whole story offline and for anybody who has not read it before you are in for a treat!!!

19th August 2006


Hi folks,am currently working on a comprehensive biopic of Starhawk which when finished should serve as the definitive reference for the biography of this character.The pic shown left,which I coloured using Photoshop is a sneak preview.
Also,hope you like the new Starhawk main picture on the home page!

17th August 2006

Have cleaned up the Artists and Writers page folks at last.So basically just click on the Interviews pic to read up on the Starhawk legacy and click on the Comic Titles to view the database.More titles coming soon.Have also collated the Steve Holland info from the Starblazer page into his own slot with the Artists in the Interview section of the site as it just makes more sense for research purposes.Hope you enjoy!

15th August 2006

Have added Issues 1098,1100 and 1101 to the Hotspur section!Look out for the spinning "NEW" cube!Also exciting news over at the Buddy page.Later...


Hi Starhawk fans!Great news,have posted off interview with Artist Tony O'Donnell,so should have that at the weekend.Also have secured 3 missing strips from Hotspur-Issues 1098,1100 and 1101.Just awaiting delivery.Also working hard on Database cum synopsis of every strip.The symbol to the left will appear next to anything new and exciting as you browse the pages for easy identification.Now I'm off for a drink...I mean rest!

29th July 2006

Have added a new page folks called From The Vaults showcasing some of my favourite strips from the past.Head on over and have a look.Later...

23rd July 2006

The onerous housekeeping task of transfering all full size images to the Imageshack servers is now complete freeing up over half the space previously occupied with the result that now only the thumbnails are hosted on the Tripod servers.This will allow more space for any new content hopefully in the shape of missing Starhawk strips.So please help out if you can.Meanwhile the Time Warriors strip is gaining momentum over at the Spike page.That's all for now,star troopers.

22nd July 2006

Tony O'Donnell has been in touch so hopefully we'll have his interview online very soon.Also,over at the Spike page,the Time Warriors series continues apace whilst the Powerbeast is no more.Have not forgotten about the synopsis sections either,rather have been thinking about just giving it a revamp-outlining the main plot and throwing in a few observations and quotes from the strip.

19th July 2006

I have included an extract with Starhawk Artist Alan Willow conducted by Shaqui on behalf of the site this month.Also have finished the Crunch entry in the Database.All this can be viewed over at the Artists and Writers page,so off you go!Once again my eternal thanks to one of our top contributors-Shaqui.I will be upgrading that page soon,leaving just the Database on its own and linking to the interviews and posts as they arrive,to tidy up the proceedings you understand,before the page becomes too messy and unwieldy.See you at the Forum!

17th July 2006

Just to let you all know,information is coming in from some of the actual Artists one of whom I believe has even viewed the web site :-)All of this new data will be collated and displayed in the Artists and Writers section very soon,hopefully with Photos.Also am working on the Database too.Thanks once again to all the contributors,now if I could only get hold of Tony O'Donnell !!!!

11th July 2006

Have reversed the News entries so that the latest is always here at the top of the page.Great news,Return of Starhawk starts over on the Starblazer page.Hope you're enjoying the site as much as I am,putting it together.A lot of work still remains,so help out in any way you can,...later!

10th July 2006

Some slight changes folks.In order to conserve server space on the Tripod server which hosts this site and also to enable the pages to load faster(given that sixty plus thumbnails would have to load!) I have changed the Starblazer pages to Text Links.This has the added advantage of freeing up considerable space which I can devote to other projects in the future.Don't worry,the rest of the Stripography will remain in Thumbnail mode.I will also shortly be moving the Covers links and the Droid links to the ImageShack servers to complete this phase of the redesign of the site.Again,please help out in any way you can by contacting me either through the Guestbook or the Forum.Later...

1st July 2006

Summer is here and things are hotting up at Starhawkcrunch!Have added another Starblazer title-"Target...Starhawk" and am in negotiations for "Return of Starhawk".Continuing to update Spike section so keep checking back.Al from ComicsUK has listed us in his Links page.Fame at last.Hope to bring you some original srtwork from Tony O'Donnell before the month's out.Have also updated some graphics and improved the navigation of the stripography so you don't have to scoll back to the top when finished reading a section.This should make the experience more fluid!Later...oh yeah,have listed us in the Wikipedia as "starhawk the crunch"..please feel free to edit it!Finally,glad to see people are using the Guestbook.But if you want a more open chat,go to the forum.See ya there....!

24th June 2006

What do you think of the new Starhawk logo on the home page?Have also begun the first of the story synopsis'.You'll find these under the "Read it now!" headers.Just click on them to read a full breakdown of the story.Let me know what you think.Later,space farers....

21st June 2006

Hi folks,just to let you know what's been going on.Hope you're enjoying the stories.All the sections now have contributions and updates are being done in piecemeal fashion,i.e-when the scans come in,they get uploaded to the site asap!Still a lot to do.Plans for the future include the completion of the stripography,a Krell Gallery of Infamy,a full story synopsis of every strip,a history of the Starhawk character,as many interviews with the artists and writers as possible to include an Artists/Writers Roll of Honour,and last but by no means least,my attempt at some fan fiction.Maybe you're a budding writer who would like to share their vision of the Starhawk universe?Send it in!Also don't forget the Starhawk forum if you have anything to say.And if you have your own site,why not link to us?Sharing is caring.Till next time,watch out for the Krell!...

12th June 2006

Every saga has a beginning...No,it's not Star's Young Starhawk!Yes Folks,his adventures as a kid begin over at the Buddy page.And as if that wasn't enough,go to the misc page for a splattering of ads and even some Krell full horrendous colour!

8th June 2006

Hello Starhawk fans.Have recieved final batch of scans from Rod for Starhawk and The Time Warriors.Rush on over to the Spike page to begin reading this new adventure.Also,have won an eBay auction for the two Starblazer books featuring Starhawk.Busy scanning the books and they will be online soon.Also,have started new page...Misc.This will contain any odds and ends that don't quite fit in anywhere else.And to start it all off,how about an ad?Thanks once again to my top contributor,Rod.As always,I am indebted to him.Till next time,happy reading!

23rd May 2006

Things are moving fast at Starhawk Towers now folks.I've put up the first episode of Starhawk against The Power Beast in the Spike section...Rush over there now to begin reading!My eternal thanks to Rod as always!Also kudos to a new contributor-Jeremy,who has supplied some scans of the very rare Starblazer Issue 201-Return of Starhawk...the front and back covers and a sample page...check it out in the Covers section.Last but not least,am currently in negotiations to secure Issues 186 and 222 of Starblazer featuring complete stories of Starhawk-Starhawk and Target-Starhawk respectively.Will keep you posted.If you have anything Starhawk related,you know the drill!

17th May 2006

Okay folks,just to let you know,I haven't been lax.The Spike Starhawk strips from Issues 63-67 are up and Rod has contacted me to say he will be sending on more scans soon.Have uploaded a few more thumbnails and will be linking to full-size images soon.The ImageShack servers sre working brilliliantly and allow for better resolution for your reading pleasure!Have emailed Richard a gazillion times re missing scans for certain issues of The Crunch but to no avail.If you have them why not contact me via the forum.Any strips that are not up,you can presume I don't have.However I continue to scour bookshops for old issues of Crunch and Hotspur and Starblazer and now(blast!)Victor & Hotspur.If you can help in any way,get in touch!Also should have some original sketches from artist Tony O'Donnell in June.See Artists section for more info.Talk soon..


First the bad news!
I was seriously beginning to run out of server space on which to host the full size images which would have meant curtailing the amount of strips on the site and downsizing their image quality substantially,which would have marred their readability.

Now the GOOD news!
Through the good offices of ImageShack I can link directly to their servers and display an unlimited amount of images and best of all,there is no cap on bandwidth.So I have as a trial started to upload some strips onto their server.This means instead of the uniform look of the site when you view full size images,you will now be greeted with a whitespace window with the image scaled own.Simply click it to zoom to full size.I will continue to utilize as much server space as I have here at present until the ImageShack server proves stable enough.My unlimited thanks go to ImageShack for effectively saving this site!

29th March 2006

Continuing to upload more full size images,folks.Have some great plans for the site.All of this can be helped along quicker with your help of course.Kudos to our 2 contributors Rod and RichardF who is preparing some work for us at the mo.Will get back to you soon.

24th March 2006

Have added more full size images...this time you can read Issue 63 and 64 of Starhawk's adventures in Spike plus the first available strip from Hotspur and Crunch!Look out for Read it now! above the thumbnails periodically,star fighters!



The site has picked up a surprising amount of interest,not least from Rod over at the forum who is contributing ALL of the Spike strips..go to Spike to read Issue 63's strip...and Tony O'Donnell,one of the artists!Stay tuned for further news!

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