Starhawk Wanted!

I hope you enjoy the site!But there is still much to be done.If you have any of the publications that Starhawk appeared in then why not scan them and send them in for everybody to read and enjoy!Remember YOU can help us complete the stripography part of this project.If you don't have them,ask your friends!Set your sights on Starhawk!

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Hotspur and Crunch Issue 1070 [1 MISSING]

Hotspur 1102-1110 [9 MISSING]

My research indicates that Starhawk made 112 appearances in over 7 different publications all by DC Thomson!This site will hopefully host close to 86 of those strips which leaves about 26 strips missing.Not bad when you consider we only started out with a handful of them!So we would be grateful if you could help out with anything-And we mean anything-boardgames,ads from other comics,Photos of the artists and writers,interviews concerning Starhawk,computer games,your own recollections,fan fiction,..etc..

The images displayed on this web site are copyright of DC Thompson and are used on this non-profit making site for reference purposes only and for fans of Starhawk everywhere.Please see links section and support this legendary organisation who have given pleasure to generations by taking out a subscription to one of their magazines.