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Did Starhawk appear in Hotspur Summer Special 1980?

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As of November 9th 2006 I can now confirm the sad news that Starhawk did not appear in a Hotspur Summer Special simply because that august publication NEVER produced a single one!Thanks to KASHGAR from the ComicsUK forum for that info.

ComicsUK Fora Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:01 pm

Post Subject: Hotspur Summer Special 1980 or later?:

"There never was a Hotspur Summer Special produced."

Thanks for that info Kashgar.Judging by your knowledge displayed in other posts I think I can confidently accept that as Gospel.The site is in mourning as I was hoping for some Starhawk gems.Ah well.I stilll find it hard to believe D.C. Thomson never produced a Summer Special for Hotspur given its remarkable longevity!!!!Other titles including Bullet,which lasted about 2 years and others all had summer specials.Its a travesty!

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