In the late 80's,Starhawk had three issues of the Starblazer pocket book series all to himself!One every year in 1986,1987 and 1988.Just where will he turn up next?Below is the complete run.

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My thanks go to Jeremy Briggs from Down The Tubes(see Links) for this additional information.Starblazer was a pocket book series similiar to the old Commando style books and ran from 1978 to early 1991.The issues usually featured either sci-fi or fantasy stories and were in 64 page format all in black and white with the front and back glossy pages in colour.

Douglas Nicol writing in the Guestbook informs me that "Regarding the Starblazers, they weren't issued weekly. They were monthly. For the first three issues they were one issue a month, thereafter they were two issues a month. For some reason they never quite caught on as well as the Commando comics by the same publisher and can be hard to get hold of."

186 STARHAWK December-86
Written by Alan C Hemus
Illustrated by Jaimie Ortiz
Cover by Ian Kennedy

Written by Dave H Taylor
Illustrated by Jaimie Ortiz
Cover artist not known (possibly Rob Brown)

222 TARGET... STARHAWK June-88
Written by M Wild
Illustrated by Jaimie Ortiz
Cover by Ian Kennedy

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Issue 186 - Starhawk

To be continued!

The 3rd Millenium,2600 AD,and the Galaxy-spanning Terran
Empire is crumbling in decline.The savage alien Krell
ravaging its borders and order replaced by chaos.Barbarism
exists everywhere,and amid this lawless bedlam one man
stands for law and order-Sol Rynn known as Starhawk.

Issue 201 - Return Of Starhawk

To be continued!

When Starhawk was summoned to help,he couldn't have imagined what was in store.
Danger lurked in the weird world,dishing out death to any who dared intrude...
And this world existed inside a vast starship!

Issue 222 - Target...Starhawk

To be continued!

Starhawk,peacemaker of the 26th Century has hunted
lawbreakers from one end of the Galaxy to the other.But
now he becomes the hunted-the quarry in a deadly game
where the price of failure is death.


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