Comics Expert Steve Holland

Although not a Starhawk Artist,Steve Holland is nonetheless the foremost authority on all things comics and their history.Below are two of his musings on Starhawk and the Industry in general.My thanks to Shaqui from the ComicsUK forum for steering me in his direction.

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Steve Holland,a comics expert and artist wrote with the following information regarding pictures of bygone artists:

"Pictures... ah, if only. I wish we had the same attitude to comics that the Italians and French have. If we did, a lot of these creators would have been interviewed properly many years ago and we'd have a ton of information on them. Sadly, only a handful of people have been involved in research over the last twenty years and there's no way that those few people could interview everyone -- tracking them down is hard enough. The only comic with anything near good coverage is 2000 AD and even there nobody has bothered trying to contact all the Argentinian artists who filled the paper in its early years.

Anyway, mustn't ramble. I'm just glad I was able to help. Good luck with the website.

Kindest regards,


Steve Holland from British Juvenile Papers (see Links) wrote a lenghty email of which this is an extract,which is pertinent to most of the comics Starhawk appeared in-"I can't say I was a Starhawk fan as I had given up buying a lot of comics by 1979, although I did pick up Starblazer when it came out as I was a huge science fiction fan. When I started researching old comics I tended to concentrate on Fleetway rather than D. C. Thomson although I have a huge fondness for Starblazer as I ended up writing a couple of scripts for the series in 1989. Starblazer had a fabulous editor called Bill Graham who was incredibly supportive of new writers from the vastly talented Grant Morrison to the vastly not-very-talented... me.

I mention Bill Graham for a reason: he was editor of The Crunch and probably had a big hand in the creation and shaping of Starhawk. I don't know who wrote the early stories but I would guess (and it
is a pure guess) that David Taylor could be your man. David was a very prolific writer for Thomsons in the 1970s and 1980s and later taught comic strip writing at adult education classes. He had earlier edited a fanzine called Nebula (1975-77). He definitely wrote some Starhawk -- the 'Young Starhawk' in Buddy was his, for
instance.I don't know about Hotspur but Mones was the artist of the 'Young Starhawk' strip in Buddy and 'Starhawk Against the Powerbeast' and 'Starhawk and the Time Warriors' in Spike (there may have been other strips in Spike which I'm unaware of).

He then pops up in three Starblazers:

Starhawk (by Alan Hemus, art by Jaimie Ortiz)
Return of Starhawk (by David Taylor, art by Jaimie Ortiz)
Target...Starhawk (by M. Wild, art by Jaimie Ortiz)

Please note that the artist is JAIMIE Ortiz, not Jose Ortiz who is a different artist altogether.

And that's everything I know about Starhawk. Oh, except to answer one of the questions on your website: no, Starhawk didn't appear in Champ."

Click on the link below to go straight to Steve's blog where he talks about the Look and Learn website where he is archivist and much more!

Steve's BLOG!

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